Calm, Clarity and Focus: Bespoke

A bespoke program is the best way to broaden your skills and knowledge and to learn advanced techniques and practices. Let's create something totally specific to your team or organisations's unique needs.

Calm, Clarity and Focus teaches you practical skills and tools that will

  • Reduce stress 

  • Improve focus and sharpen clarity

  • Increase productivity and creative flow

  • Increase staff resilience and wellbeing

  • Leave your team feeling re-energised and fully present

Want to learn more about how Calm, Clarity and Focus will benefit your business or organisation?

Let's start with an informal chat about your needs.


Custom designed programs to suit your team or organisations specific needs. 

What to expect

The Bespoke program is the perfect opportunity to have something tailor made for your team or organisation. 

Learn practical tools and exercises that you can put to use immediately and that are sustainable over time.

Learn skills and techniques that can be used individually or as a team. 

All workshops are fun and have several interactive elements.

The Bespoke program includes troubleshooting potential issues and how to integrate the practices into your life and work.

All sessions have Q&A time built in.

Session Length:

A Bespoke program can be up to 12 months in a variety of possible formats.


  • Reduced stress

  • Increased productivity

  • Increased self management skills

  • Happier, healthier staff

  • Increase in confidence

  • Deeper engagement

  • Increased creativity

  • More job satisfaction

  • Reduced time off work

  • Reduced staff illness

  • Increased enjoyment at work

  • Better staff retention

  • Better teamwork


Combine your Bespoke program with an Intro program or with individual or group coaching.

"At this moment I feel totally relaxed, with what only can be described as gentle waves of calmness passing through my chest (as corny as that sounds, it’s actually pretty accurate!). I’m in awe at what you’ve achieved in an afternoon with me, thank you so much." Ted

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