"Empathy is one of our greatest tools of business that is most underused."  Daniel Lubetzky

Leading From The Heart: Bespoke

A bespoke program is the best way to broaden your skills and knowledge and to learn advanced techniques and practices. Let's create something totally specific to your team or organisations's unique needs.

Are you ready to embrace the cutting edge of business leadership?

Leading From The Heart Programs ​

  • Offer you a whole new way to engage with yourself, your staff, customers, shareholders, etc that creates flow and ease.

  • Enable you to align, evolve, grow and expand as individuals, as a team and as a business.

  • Use modern science and ancient wisdom and technology to give you access to your full leadership potential - which is already within you!

  • Help you to naturally align purpose, profit and people.

  • Give you the tools and resources to continue to grow yourself and your team as a leaders - which in turn puts your business head and shoulders above the rest.

  • Allow leadership to be as natural as breathing.

Want to learn more about how Leading From The Heart will benefit your business or organisation?

Let's start with an informal chat about your needs.


Custom designed programs to suit your team or organisations specific

Heart-lead Leadership needs. 

what to expect

A Bespoke program is the perfect opportunity to have something tailor made for your team or organisation. 

Learn practical tools and exercises that you can put to use immediately and that are sustainable over time.

Learn advanced skills, techniques and practices that can be used individually or as a team. 

Explore the practical applications of heart-leadership at work and at home.

All programs have interactive elements.

The Bespoke program includes troubleshooting potential issues.

All sessions have Q&A time built in.


Session Length:

A Bespoke program can be to 12 months, depending on your needs and the size of your workforce.


  • New vision of your company’s unique potential to make a positive impact

  • Deeper understanding of how your relationship to yourself, others and the wider world impact your business and vice versa.

  • Renewed sense of purpose 

  • Understanding & application of compassion, kindness and empathy for biz success

  • An environment that encourages and embraces the unique talents and gifts of its stakeholders

  • Deeper stakeholder engagement and enjoyment

  • Extraordinary leadership skills and tools 

  • More meaningful interactions for all stakeholders

  • Workforce that feel inspired and enthusiastic about coming to work

  • Better cooperation and collaboration 

  • Increased health across all areas - mental/emotional, physical, financial, and even spiritual!

  • Be seen as pioneering, forward-thinking 

  • Access more creative, innovative ideas and solutions


Combine the Bespoke program with an Intro program or with individual or group coaching.

“I hope you realise what an amazing legacy you are leaving – how you are having such an amazing impact on the world around you and how the ripples of your work flow out deeper and further than you may realise – keep being you – cos you is totally awesome – thank you!!!”  Jay Blake, Brand Ambassador

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