Keys to the Kingdom

An exclusive, six-week, online journey into your most magnificent Kingly self

The Keys to the Kingdom program is a powerful invitation and a magical initiation.

  • It is an intense journey into the depths of your soul, to find your true desires, your turn on's, your arousal and how to experience and express those in all aspects of your manhood.

  • The Keys to the Kingdom program requires your deepest commitment to yourself, to your inner and outer growth and development and to the program. 

  • If you're ready for absolute transformation, deep sensations, powerful emotions and even more powerful pleasure, intimacy and connection, then this is for you.

Welcome to the

This is your portal to all of the resources for the course.

Each week we'll have a new topic to explore. Each topic will be supported by an audio, a worksheet and more. We'll begin each new topic on a Monday and then have our group Zoom call on Thursday evenings. That way everyone is working on the same topics at the same time and can support each other in our private Facebook group. If you have any questions, please try to ask them in the group so that everyone benefits.

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

Week 6

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