My top tip for sexual mastery is to learn to be present. 

The present moment is where intimacy lives. Access deeper intimacy by learning to be fully present.

This page is full of FREE presents to help you cultivate presence.

There are 6 audio meditations, a video series, and a self-care list. 

Please help yourself...

With love,

Rebecca xx

Self-care, self-love list

FREE Self-care, self-love list

If you want to experience more pleasure and intimacy, in and out of the bedroom, then you must start with your connection to yourself.

As you nurture and care for your own heart, body and soul, you become a powerful magnet for others that do the same.

Instead of coming into your relationships as a beggar for love, you come as an overflowing cup of abundance, which feels a million times better to you and your partner, and is a lot more sustainable too.


Even five to ten minutes a day of intentional self care will be enough to start rewire your brain, body and system in a new direction - one of pleasure, sensuality and profound feelings of connection with life.

Download your FREE Self care, self love list here>>>

This list has loads of suggestions for self care practices for Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual health. Pick and choose the ones that work for you and add your own too!

Download your FREE Self care, self love list here>>>

Self Alchemy's #monthofmindfulness

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