"I cannot thank you enough. I don't know what you did or how you did it, but my whole life is turning around. Thank you!" Matt

Intuitive Consulting

Intuitive Consulting is a powerful blend of intuitive energy work and coaching.


You might be feeling lost, stuck or confused and like nothing is working right, nothing is flowing as it should.

Perhaps you'd like some clarity on a particular situation, help releasing and clearing old habits and patterns that don't serve you or help accessing your own inner wisdom.

With one of the Intuitive Consulting programs we'll get you untangled, refocused, reenergised and ready for your next steps.

Want to find out how Intuitive Consulting can help you? Email Rebecca and tell her what's going on for you.

Focus on one specific topic, issue or problem. 

Half an hour every day for one week. (Other options available too)

We work together over video call to really hone in and get you the shift you're looking for.

Working in this way allows us to 

  • Go deeper in a shorter amount of time

  • Do a thorough clear out of energy, issues and 'stuff' that is holding you back or blocking your progress

  • Deal with resistance as your power and clarity start to shine through

  • Create quick and radical shifts so you can get on with levelling up your life and business.

Focus on a range of topics, issues or problems either that you already know you wish to address or that arise during our sessions.

3 x 1 hour sessions via video call - usually over 3 weeks

During these powerful video sessions we will

  • Clear old habits, thoughts, patterns and beliefs to reveal more of who-you-really-are.

  • Access answers, inspiration and creative thinking

  • Help you relax, de-stress, refocus

  • Get actionable steps and practices to help you stay on track

Let's discuss your unique needs and create a monthly package that works perfectly for you!

Working in this way gives you

  • Peace of mind knowing help and support is always available

  • Options for different levels of support

  • Opportunity to do continuing self awareness/personal development work

  • Create the package that adapts as you grow and transform


"WOW! What can say, simply the best 1 hour of my life spent, I don’t understand what Rebecca does, but the results are amazing, thank you so much." Mark Wilkins

"Rebecca is amazing, I have shed some very old, deep rooted beliefs that were holding me back and I feel like I can take on the world. Thank you!" Jo 'Happiness' Howarth

"Rebecca is a star! I was struggling to get enough decent sleep. I was averaging 5 hours a night..... for the past 20 years! I'm now averaging 7+ hours a night. The session was not what I was expecting but the improvement on both my energy levels and clarity has been a game changer for me." Gordon Frew

"It was a joy to talk with you. I was knocked out for a few hours afterwards, which was followed by a dazed spell of disbelief at what had occurred earlier in the day. I’m still truly astonished that you enabled me to start to break down some substantial barriers so soon, as well as making me feel at ease and completely comfortable." Robert

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