Keys to the Kingdom

An exclusive four month journey into your most magnificent Kingly self

The Keys to the Kingdom program is a powerful invitation and a magical initiation.

  • It is an intense journey into the depths of your soul, to find your true desires, your turn on's, your arousal and how to experience and express those in all aspects of your manhood.

  • The Keys to the Kingdom program requires your deepest commitment to yourself, to your inner and outer growth and development and to the program. 

  • If you're ready for absolute transformation, deep sensations, powerful emotions and even more powerful pleasure, intimacy and connection, then this is for you.

If you are ready for this level of commitment

"Everything has a magical glow to it, I can't help but be taken aback by it. Every hour better than the last. Each sense more intense. What you have done is given me my soul back Rebecca. I feel like I can engage with the here-and-now. Thank you for this!"

The Keys to the Kingdom Introductory Workbook

This is a 50-page interactive workbook, full of questions for self reflection. It will help you to reflect on your inner King self and your relationship to your sexuality and sexual self. It's divided into three sections so you can reflect on your past, your present and the ideal future you'd like to create for yourself. The workbook is sent to you as a digital download. 

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