Leading From The Heart

Online Program

A 3-month online group program exploring the cutting edge of leadership

The way you lead your life and the way you do business has an impact. Your decisions and choices have impact.


Everything you do and say and think creates an impact in the world. It has an impact on you, your loved ones, your colleagues, your business, and the world at large.

  • Imagine how different your decisions, choices and communication would be if you were leading from the heart.

  • Imagine how different your actions and reactions would be.

  • Imagine how different it would feel to be open and curious and compassionate, as a leader, instead of closed, fearful and stressed - which is often the norm.

It is time now to become the leader you wish to see in the world.

It's time to align with your full true self and lead from there. 

Your heart is the doorway to deep wisdom and infinite intelligence. 

It's time to tune in to the wisdom and intelligence in your heart and to lead your life and business from that place.

It's time to lead from your heart.

The Cutting edge of leadership

Leading From The Heart - The Cutting Edge Of Personal And Professional Leadership

Leading edge business leaders and entrepreneurs are talking about the importance of compassion, self awareness and empathy in business and in business leadership.


Jeff Weiner, CEO of LinkedIn has been on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday talking about 'Compassionate Leadership' and how it has changed LinkedIn as an organisation and his leadership for the better.


Gary Vaynerchuk says the three pillars of success are self awareness, empathy and hustle. 

All of these qualities require you to be connected to your heart.

Leading From The Heart is the absolute cutting edge of life and business leadership.

What is leading from the heart?


Leading from the heart is the emerging form of leadership in life and business. 

It is the antidote to the disconnection, separation and destruction we have seen in the world for so long. 

Leading from the heart is…


  • Developing self-awareness, compassion and empathy as tools for change, growth and evolution.

  • Healing your own heart so that you are better placed to help others do the same.

  • Establishing nourishing and sustainable self love and self care practices, which in turn enables you to support others and the world at large.

  • Exploring the difference between coming from ego or coming from the heart.

  • Creating conscious lives and businesses that create a positive impact in the world.

  • Learning how to be open, curious and compassionate instead of closed, fearful and stressed.

  • Cultivating intuitive communication with our bodies and hearts.

  • Valuing our ‘felt sense’ of knowing in the body combined with the power of our minds.

  • Looking at what fills us up, what nourishes our soul, what gives our lives meaning and purpose so we can serve others and create the world we wish to live in.

  • Connecting your human heart to the wider pulsing heart of the Universe, being in conscious communion and flow with ‘all-that-is’.

How does it work?

This is a 3-month, online program that takes place through a private group on Facebook. 

We kick off on Wednesday 20th September with a Facebook Live group session.

Each monthly module will consist of:

  • Weekly Facebook Lives into our private Facebook group

  • Weekly tasks and assignments 

  • Daily gratitude practices 

  • Guided meditations

  • Group healing

  • Individual commitments and group accountability

  • Sharing and support from the whole group


All of the above are optional. You take part as much or as little as you wish.

If you're ready to join a community of like-minded, heart-centred leaders to explore the cutting edge of leadership, then this group is for you!

Total cost = £30 per month (£90 total) 

Pay in full  (£90)
Pay  in installments
£30 per month for 3 months

What will we be exploring?

[Month 1] Focus: Self leadership


  • What’s going on with my heart?

  • Healing my heart

  • Love, compassion and empathy for myself.

  • Tuning in and listening to my heart

  • Which part of me am I coming from - ego or heart?

  • Developing my intuition

  • How do I show myself love, compassion and empathy?

  • Self care and self love practices 

  • How does this relate to my business?

  • Commit to daily, weekly or monthly practices


[Month 2] Focus: Connection to others

  • How does it feel to open your heart to others?

  • Clearing fear, shame and conditioning

  • Practice opening and being present with others

  • Love, compassion and empathy for others

  • Am I maintaining my practices and commitments from month 1? 

  • How does this relate to my business?


[Month 3] Focus: Connection to the wider world

  • How does it feel to open my heart to the world at large?

  • What calls to me? What has meaning to me? What gives me a sense of purpose?

  • What do I want to speak up about or draw others attention to?

  • How are we all connected?

  • How do I show love, compassion and empathy to the world at large? This could be my community or tribe or nature, plants and animals or the whole Universe.

  • Am I maintaining my practices and commitments from months 1 & 2?

  • How does this relate to my business?

The program will be taught intuitively and will follow the flow of the group. The information above is a general guide.  

Pay in full  (£90)
Pay  in installments
£30 per month for 3 months

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