“Be at least as interested in what goes on inside you as what happens outside. If you get the inside right, the outside will fall into place.” Eckhart Tolle

On top of the world

Imagine you want to learn to play piano or to build a new physique. You know that those pursuits require time, focus and commitment. One or two lessons may be fun, but will not create excellence.

With that in mind, I created the On Top Of The World Program. It's aim is to help you achieve long-lasting, far-reaching success. 

Working closely together in this way, you will be fully supported, held and guided as you explore your unique life mastery.​ On Top Of The World is incredibly powerful and allows you to dive deep into your personal transformation.

Get ready to be challenged, opened, stretched and expanded. Get ready for growth, transformation and transmutation like you've never imagined.


This extended program will help you explore yourself in a whole new way, opening up new realms of possibility across all areas of your life.

16 weeks x 3

Transition - Things are not the same. Your old life is falling away. You're feeling lost, confused and frankly, a little scared. This phase calls for steadying, trust, grounding and nourishing.

Transformation - Something new is starting to emerge. You're still not quite sure what it is but you're following your intuition. You feel strong, supported and welcoming of the rapid changes.

Transmutation - Life and probably work are changing so rapidly you can hardly believe it. Synchronicities are occurring daily. There is more flow and less stress. More delight, joy and pleasure than you ever dreamed possible.

"I took so much away from our sessions together you would not believe the change that has happened since I met you. My girlfriend and I are going from strength to strength and my confidence is sky high, I am no longer afraid of making mistakes or worrying about what to do next. I can never thank you enough for what you’ve done to me you are an angel. You totally changed my life, I was very open minded when I first met you but I never thought for one moment it would effect me as it did. I honestly think no one else could of done what you did, you made me feel so comfortable and I am truly grateful for your guidance and patience." Chris

Life is heating up! It has been tumultuous and confusing for a while. Challenges are coming at you from all angles. Help and support is here!

You've been stuck in the same place for years. It's been comfortable, perhaps too comfortable.


Time to take your big leap into your magnificent true self!

Sexual Alchemy is the transformation and expansion of your ideas and experiences of sexuality, sexual energy, and intimacy into something precious, divine and blissful.

How do we navigate this more personal landscape of business?


How do we be good business leaders in these changing times?

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