101 Things That *Might* Happen When You Work with Me

Ever wondered what happens when you decide to explore or expand your sexuality? Whether you're in a Sexual Alchemy Program, attending a VIP Day or diving deep on the Keys to the Kingdom Program, magical transformation is waiting for you.

Every day I hear from men who are interested in exploring, expanding or transforming their sex lives in some way. They almost always want to know - what happens in the sessions? What happens over the course of a program? What can they expect?

Each person’s journey is unique. Individual sessions are intuitive and organic. What happens very much depends on what your intention is, where you want to get to and what feels right at the time. I have a wide and diverse tool-kit, years of experience and most importantly, an innate, intuitive knowing of what is needed to shift your shit and work the magic you seek.

Here is a sneaky peek into what might happen for you:

1. You finally take important steps to addressing the issues that have been on your mind for a long time.

2. Your body, mind and soul relaxes just knowing help is at hand. You don't feel so alone anymore.

3. You find out that working with/solving/transforming your issues is much easier than you thought it would be.

4. You are able to talk about your sexual issues, your sexual desires, problems, fantasies and more without being judged or told you are bad or wrong. In fact, you feel listened to, heard and received in a whole new way that makes you feel good.

5. You start to realise how important addressing your sexuality, sexual problems, etc really is and how much it has affected the rest of your life.

6. You start to feel hopeful. Hopeful that you can transform your sexual situation– whatever that means to you, and hopeful that this will spread out into the rest of your life.

7. Saying these things that you’ve been holding on to with fear for so long, getting them all out in the open, feeling seen, heard and acknowledged starts the healing process.

Trust, courage, safety

8. You experience feeling safe, held and ready to explore.

9. You open to new possibilities and allow the session to develop naturally.

10. You feel trusting and and are able to relax into this natural unfolding.

11. You experience yourself as courageous and willing.

12. You learn about your body, where it might need some attention, healing, expression and loving.

13. You might even allow that to happen right then and there.

14. You become aware of your body in whole new ways.

15. Becoming aware of your body, what’s happening in it, what it’s asking for, what it’s telling you, allows you to have a much closer relationship with it.

16. This leads to a deeper understanding of yourself and your sensual/sexual likes and dislikes, desires and needs, which makes you a better lover.

Presence is key

17. You learn about the importance of being fully present in each moment. Whether on your own, with a lover or out in your life, you realize that ‘presence’ will revolutionize how you experience your life and, of course, your sex life.

18. You learn how to practice making choices from the present moment so that you are not held back by your past. It doesn’t exist anymore. You start to untether yourself from it.

19. This also allows you to be more fully present in your body, which leads to more pleasure!

20. You learn about the importance of keeping your heart open, as open as you can in each moment. Yes, opening your heart is a risk and will make you vulnerable, but when it's closed nothing can get in or out. It is always worth the risk to keep your heart open.

21. We talk about releasing whatever doesn't serve you anymore, on all levels, and why that’s important.

22. You allow me to do some energy work to help with this releasing and feel calm/relaxed/energized/lighter/healthier/happier/clearer afterwards.

23. We talk about ways for you to stay connected to your body – dancing, movement, body mediations, getting regular massages, going to the gym or for long walks, swimming, conscious breathing… you continue to add your ideas to the list and feel so much better for it.

24. You learn how focused breathing can help you get present in your body, open you up, raise or lower your energy, help to move sexual energy around, create better orgasms and so much more.

25. We practice different kinds of breathing to see how it feels and what it does for you.

26. You are amazed at how being aware of your breath can make you feel - present, engaged, connected, calm, aroused...

27. We wake up your sexual energy.

28. You learn how to use your breath to engage with your sexual energy.

29. We move sexual energy between us just using breath and intention.

30. You are thrilled that you can feel this – may be you even feel a little aroused.

Playing with sexual energy

31. We play with this energy, turning it up and down, making it stronger, richer and more potent.

32. You learn how to use your breath to engage with the energy of your heart. We move the energy of the heart between us using breath and intention. You can feel this and it gives you information about how your heart (physical and metaphysical) is doing. Amazing!

33. You learn how to use your breath to connect to Cosmic/Universal/Divine/Source energy – and it feels fantastic! We move the Cosmic/Universal/Divine/Source energy between us and your head starts to tingle.

34. We connect your sexual energy to your heart using breath and intention. You notice how it feels more powerful than either of them on their own.

35. We connect your sexual energy, heart energy and Cosmic/Universal/Divine/Source energy using breath and intention and you feel open and expanded in ways you didn’t know were possible. You feel pleasure and arousal coursing through your veins in ways you never knew were possible.

36. We breathe this combined energy between us and you start to realize, with joy and wonder, that we haven’t even touched the tip of the iceberg of sexual possibilities.

37. You feel safe, relaxed, present, in your body and curiously excited about what else might be possible.

38. You learn how to use your breath to move sexual energy around your body, and why you would want to do that. Think fully body orgasms, breath and energy orgasms, all kinds of gases, deeper connections, healing, more pleasure, etc...

39. You find out how it feels to be aroused all over your body, not just in your genitals.

40. We invite your ‘sexual self’ to come out so we can see/hear/feel what he needs.

41. Your sexual self feels seen and heard for the first time in a very long time.

42. You might be surprised at what he has to say, what he needs, what he asks for - and how it feels to have that met fully.

43. It feels incredible to feel him coursing through your veins, taking his place within your body, filling you up.

44. You feel empowered, alive, confident and aroused– or scared or sad or any of a million other things – and that is OK! You feel truly welcome to allow whatever feelings come up.

45. You notice that feelings transform when you give them your attention, so we stay present with whatever happens.

46. You find out that there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ in a session, just whatever is happening or whatever works. That’s it. You can’t get it wrong.

47. We might explore various archetypes or personas that help you to embody parts of yourself, know yourself or step into new parts that are ready to emerge. This is deep and powerful work.

48. You are encouraged to allow your anger and rage to rise up, should it want to, and shown how to safely express it, learn from it and make friends with it.

49. You are held, with more love than you may ever have felt, while you cry from the bottom of your soul.

50. You are delighted to be invited to give your sexual self a voice, emotional and physical expression and feel received with love and joy.

Touch, arousal, and confidence

51. You are able to allow yourself to be touched in new ways. Unexpected ways.

52. You learn new and beautiful ways to touch your partner or lover, to be present with them and their arousal.

53. You learn about Conscious Touch and Erotic Touch and the difference between the two. We practice these on each other. It opens your eyes to more possibilities for pleasure.

54. You learn how to use your arousal to create arousal for your partner or lover.

55. You discover what Tantrikas mean when they say they made love for 8 hours. It’s probably not what you think – it’s even better!

56. Your confidence as a lover grows and grows!

Ejaculation and/or orgasm

57. You learn how choose when you ejaculate and/or orgasm rather than having the two happen at the same time, or not having a choice. You learn that orgasming without ejaculating is amazingly pleasurable and allows you to be sexual for as long as you wish.

58. You find out why orgasming without ejaculating is a wonderful, healthy thing to learn.

59. You learn to prolong your pleasure, and your lover’s pleasure, for as long as you wish.

60. You learn how to have stronger, longer lasting erections.

61. You learn that having stronger and longer erections is not necessarily better than what is already happening for you.

62. You learn about the joys of having a flaccid penis.

63. You begin to love and appreciate your penis, in fact, your whole body.

64. You create a whole new, healthy relationship to your cock.

65. You learn how to use or engage the rest of your body for your sexual pleasure, not just relying on your cock.

66. Tension and pain are released from your body using your arousal.

67. You discover that your sexual energy can be used for so much more than just penetrative sex.

68. You realize that penetration is not always the goal. Neither is ejaculation.

69. You are reminded that ejaculation is totally wonderful and ok too.

70. You might learn that your ejaculation, in fact all of your bodily fluids, are divine, sacred and fabulous.

Kinda kinky

71. You might discover you have a kinky aspect to your sexual self..

72. You might expand and explore what you already know about your kinky side.

73. You might discover that you like being flogged or spanked or bitten or caned - or that you enjoy offering flogging, spanking, biting or caning.

74. You might discover a submissive or dominant side, or other parts of your full sexual expression.

75. You might learn all kinds of new things about yourself and your sexuality that you never knew.

76. You might experience pleasure in a whole new way.

77. You will most likely open up to new experiences and possibilities.

Permission and possibilities

78. You will most likely give yourself permission to be your Full Sexual Self.

79. You might give yourself permission to talk to your lover about something new you want to try.

80. You will probably discover that you are an incredible, expansive and wildly sexual being.

81. You might make peace with a difficult past or a relationship you’ve not been able to let go of.

82. You might find deep healing in a word, a look or a touch that is offered to you.

83. You might find deep healing in allowing yourself to be really seen and accepted just as you are.

84. You might find deep healing in being naked or not being naked with a new person.

85. You will learn about your boundaries– even if you thought you didn’t have any. Especially if you thought you didn’t have any!

86. You will learn about consent- and you will take this into the other areas of your life.Consent is sexy!

87. You will start to feel more connected to yourself, to life, to nature, to others.

88. You might feel gratitude and offer up some positive affirmations for yourself and your life. This consistent practice will change your life.

89. You might start to see that your sexual energy is so fucking incredible and can be used for so much more than just sex. Although sex is great too!

90. You might experience prostate massage and find out that it’s healing/opening/arousing/hot and that you’d like to do it a lot more.

91. You might discover that you love being anally penetrated.

Health and happiness

92. You will probably get your blood flowing, get rid of toxins in the body,, boost your immune system and feel healthier generally.

93. You'll probably leave with a spring in your step and a smile on your face.

94. You will mostly likely feel better than you’ve felt for a long time.

95. You might feel hope where there was none before.

96. You will start to remember Who You Really Are.

97. You will feel more confident and more self-love.

98. You will wonder what took you so long to book onto a program.

99. You will wonder what you were so afraid of.

100. You will have a new, more open and expanded connection to your sexuality, your body, to intimacy and pleasure.

101. Life will never be the same again, your life will expand and improve, your sexuality will blossom and you will be ready to share yourself, your joy and pleasure and your bliss with the world. You will know that magic exists within you and you are the master of your destiny. You are the king of your kingdom.

So there you have it - a small taster of the things that might happen when you book a program with me. Your own journey will be totally unique to you and may, or may not, include some of the above. There is only one way to find out…

Ready to step into your full sexual self and expression?

Email me at rebecca@rebeccalowrie.com and tell me what you'd like to learn, explore or experience.

I really look forward to exploring with you!

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