13 Ways to Experience Pleasure Right Now!

Pleasure isn’t something you have to wait for or earn. It’s not something you have to purchase or be thin enough or wealthy enough to have. You don’t need another person to help you experience it. You don’t have to be worthy of it or chase after it.  Pleasure is open to each and every one of us right here, right now.

Learning to appreciate and experience pleasure across all areas of your life enhances your pleasure in the bedroom. It fills you up, nourishes you and makes you feel alive! Then you can bring your overflowing, abundant and joyful self to your erotic experiences. That also takes the pressure off. Your sexual experiences can add to rather than be your only source of pleasure.

Whatever is going on in your life, however you feel, whatever has or hasn’t happened to you, you can tap into or tune into pleasure, for free, right now.

Here are 13 ways to experience pleasure right now:

1. Pause whatever you’re doing. Close your eyes and relax your shoulders. Relax them a little bit more. Now take a deep breath in, pull your shoulders up to your ears and clench them tightly. Hold your breath while you do this. When you can’t hold your breath any longer, breathe out and release your shoulders fully at the same time. Feel the tension release from your jaw, shoulders, back and neck. Ahhhh, the pleasure of relaxation!

2. Focus on your breathing for a moment. No need to change it. Just notice your in breaths and out breaths. Savour the feeling of your breath coming into your body. Savour the feeling of it leaving your body. Savour the moment of stillness.

3. Wiggle your butt. I mean it! Put some music on if you want to, but give your ass a wiggle. Shake your hips out. Feel your lower back loosen. Let your belly relax. Thrust your hips forward a few times. Get your groove on. Shake your ass at the world. 

4. Lick your lips in a seductive, flirty way. Not for someone else, but for yourself. Give yourself a big, delicious, juicy french kiss. Enjoy the sensuality of your succulent lips.

5. Get totally present with whatever you see around you. Imagine if you were an alien that just arrived where you are and everything was brand new. Notice the colours, shapes, textures without labelling the things as things. What strikes you as beautiful? What colours call to you? Which shapes delight you?

6. Imagine your belly smiling. If your belly could smile, what would that feel like? What about your lower back? Now imagine your heart smiling. And your shoulders. Then your feet. Imagine if your whole body could smile. What would that feel like?

7. Stroke your body as if you were your own best lover. Give yourself a loving massage. Or a gentle cuddle. Hold your beautiful face in your hands as if you are the most precious thing on the planet. Because you are. Hold yourself tenderly, lovingly. Look into your eyes in a mirror and say, ‘I love you, I really do, I love you.'

8. Throw your arms open wide and say YES! to the day! YES! to being alive! YES to taking your next breath! Celebrate this moment right here, right now! Shout out loud ‘Yes, thank you for this moment, I’m alive and grateful!'

9. Start to notice little micro pleasures throughout your day. Someone holding the door open for you, a leaf dancing in the wind, laughter, the comfort of a cosy blanket, a few quiet minutes to yourself.

10. Practice gratitude - for all the big things, sure, but even more for all the little things or things you probably take for granted. Make a list of 100 things you are grateful for and put it somewhere you will see it regularly. Add to it over time. 

11.Make a list of things that bring you pleasure or make you feel good. Big things, little things, unexpected things. Start taking notice of what feels pleasurable to you and write them all down. On days you feel pleasure is missing from your life, get out your list and choose one or more to engage with.

12. Eat your favourite food - really slowly. Allow it to sit on your tongue for a moment. Feel the temperature and texture. Bring your awareness to the flavour. Savour the flavour! Chew slowly and mindfully. Be fully present with the food in your mouth.

13. Watch a sunrise or sunset. Become fascinated with the movement of bees or leaves on a tree. Get deeply in tune with the weather (without preference for it to be one way or another) or the seasons. Marvel at the miracle of nature.

Pleasure is always available to you, even if it's just savouring your breath and feeling grateful for it. It doesn't have to be complicated, rely on others or cost you money. When you keep yourself full, your sexual experiences and encounters are the cherry on top rather than the single source of nourishment, laden with expectation and hope.

By allowing yourself to experience, explore and express pleasure every single day you come as a full cup to your life and your relationships and everything, including you, is abundant and overflowing!

What pleasures will you explore today?

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