3 Ways To Have A Deep, Spiritual, Sexual Experience

There is so much more to our bodies and arousal than we are ever taught. Our sexual energy is one of the ways we are connected to the Universe and all of the energy in it. We are meant to be connected to that consciously. We are meant to revel in it, delight in it and play with it. Here are three ways you can start to explore expanding your ideas of what is possible with your sexual energy.

1. Breathe it in

Sit or lie somewhere comfortable. Relax your body. Relax it even more. Allow your breathing to deepen. Start to take long, slow, deep breaths in and out through your nose. Relax even more.

Intend and imagine that you are drawing the most profound, deeply sensual and erotic energy from the Universe into your body. Draw it into your genitals first. 

Use your in-breath to draw it in and your out-breath to release it fully into various parts of your body. Release it into your hips, belly, heart, spine, shoulders, jaw and anywhere else you feel drawn to.

Drink in as much of this energy as you want. It is endless, limitless and very good for you. Allow your body to move if it wants to. Allow your body to become gently aroused and full of this profound erotic energy.

After a few moments, allow your breathing to come back to normal. Lay still for a few minutes feeling the energy in and around you. Float in this energy. Revel in it. Soak it up. Let it infuse your cells and organs.

Become aware of how your body feels. Are there some areas that feel more alive than others? Are some tingling and others pulsing? Whatever you feel or don’t feel is fine. Practice this and see how it changes over time.

2. Shake, release, allow

Stand up and start gently shaking your body. At first you will be creating the shake yourself, and eventually the shake will just occur. Let your body be like jelly on a plate. Shake your legs, hips, belly, spine, shoulders, arms… everything. Shake, shake shake…

Relax your jaw and the muscles of your face. 

Now intend and imagine this shaking action is shaking off and releasing anything that no longer serves you. Let go of the past, let go of thoughts, habits, patterns and beliefs that do not serve you. Let go of what you think you know, let go of your name and identity. Let go of everything until you feel like an empty vessel, an empty space. 

When you feel this, lie down and tune into the Universe, Source, Consciousness, God or whatever expression of divinity works for you. Feel this sacred energy streaming into the space of you. Notice the arousal in it. Feel it penetrating into your very being. 

Become aware of your body. Not just your physical body, but your energy bodies as well. Allow them to be charged up with this divine light. Notice how this energy is bright, sparkly, alive, energising, loving, erotic, powerful, intense yet gentle too. 

Breathe in as much as you want. Breathe it in until you are overflowing. When you are full to the brim, take a long slow deep breath in and open your eyes.

3. Make love with the Universe

Do this one on your own or with a lover. Build arousal and sexual energy in whatever way feels good to you. Do this slowly. Don’t rush.

As you feel the energy swelling, invite parts of the cosmos to join you. This could be the stars and moon, the planets, tree energy, oceans, spring flowers, the elements (earth, air, fire, water), or whatever benevolent energy you feel drawn to. 

Tune in, invite it in and see what you feel. If it consents to joining you, allow the energy to blend and mix with your sexual energy. Invite it to infuse your experience of your sexual energy with it’s energy. Feel it course through your veins, through your genitals, through your body. Make love with this energy. 

Allow it to wrap around you and move through you. Offer up your orgasm, should you choose to have one, to this energy with gratitude. 

Listen to guided versions of the exercises here:

Ready to explore deep, spiritual, sexual experiences?

Email me at rebecca@rebeccalowrie.com and tell me what you'd like to learn, explore or experience.

I really look forward to exploring with you!

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