How a Man Feels About Himself in the Bedroom is How He Carries Himself in the World

If a man feels a lack of confidence, not good enough, shame, fear or worry, he will move through the world trying to hide these parts of himself. Like an invisible but very palpable shroud, he hides the parts of himself he doesn’t like or love. God forbid anyone should find out he lacks confidence in the bedroom, in his body or in his capabilities as a lover. 

His energy is dampened, his spark just isn’t quite there, he has lost his mojo and that feeling spreads through the rest of his life. He doesn’t engage with people or life fully. He holds himself back, not just in the bedroom or relationships, but in other areas too. He hides away and life becomes dull, a facsimile of life.

If a man feels confident, connected to his body, able to face any fears or shame that might crop up, willing to be vulnerable and open, has a good level of self awareness, and is happy to own all of the parts of himself, then he walks through the world in a completely different way. 

He knows he is intrinsically enough. He knows he is the embodiment of divinity, divine grace. He embraces life, takes chances, puts himself out there. He tries new things, loves himself, creates fulfilling, sustainable relationships. He is sparked and sparkling. This energy spreads throughout the rest of his life. He attracts completely different people and situations. He discovers new levels of pleasure and intimacy he didn’t know were possible.

He is in touch with his True self, able to be deeply present and is therefore able to access his King self and his magnificent lover. 

Exploring your sexual self, your King, is so much more than just having better sex. It is a full reset of your body and energy system. It is aligning you with who-you-really-are so that you can be that fully in all areas of your life.

How do you feel about yourself in the bedroom?

How do you carry yourself in the world?

Do they line up?

Want help to align those feelings for your highest good and very best life?

You know where I am. 

Ready to feel more confident and embrace your full sexual self?

Email me at and tell me what you'd like to learn, explore or experience.

I really look forward to exploring with you!

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