How Did I Get Into This Work?

Scrolling through LinkedIn recently I saw a lot of people asking, 'How did you get started in your business?' Thought I'd share my story with you...

The quick version:

Fifteen years ago I found myself on a 6-month tantra course. The teacher recognised something innate in me and encouraged me to wake it up. I assisted her while training with other teachers and clients started to appear. About 18 months later my teacher told me, ‘You need a website, this is your work now.’ The rest, as they say, is history.

The extended version:

Fifteen years ago I was working as a complimentary therapist at a charity for people with disabilities. I had been a massage therapist and energy healer for about 10 years. I was qualified in massage, reflexology, reiki, and umpteen other energy healing and bodywork methods and practices.

After attending a two-hour introductory tantra workshop at a festival, I found myself on a 6-month tantra training intensive. It was one weekend a month for six months with the same group of people. It was a deep dive into our true selves, our sexuality and sensuality, pleasure, intimacy, and relationships. 

During the second module, the teacher told me to take one of the men out at lunchtime and do a session for him. I had no idea what she was talking about. She assured me I would know what to do and told me to just get on with it. I asked him if he wanted to do this and much to my surprise, he jumped at the chance.

After lunch we found some private space outside and I asked him to tell me what was going on for him. Why were we here? He told me some things, shared where he was stuck and why the teacher had recommended a session with me. I can’t explain it, but I just knew what to do. I knew what bodywork and energy work he needed. He told me later that that session had been transformational for him. I was thrilled and also confused.

The teacher told me, ‘You already know this. You know this tantra, sexuality, intimacy stuff. You just don’t know what you know. Come train with me and let’s wake it up.’

What the?

So I assisted her for the next three years and in the meantime went and had my own personal journey with other teachers. I explored various kinds of tantra, sexuality, conscious kink, sex magic, more energy work, more bodywork and anything else related I could find.

It was a wonderful, painful, hilarious, often heart-breaking journey. And it absolutely broke me open in the most wonderful ways. It turned out that transforming issues around sexuality, intimacy and pleasure came naturally to me. Especially for men. There was something innate and intuitive waking up in me.

My very first website banner in 2008!

My teacher was sending me occasional clients, even though I was still working at The Disability Foundation. Eventually, she said to me, ‘You need a website, this is your work now.’ It was 2008 and I’d been doing the work for about 18 months already, just unofficially.

I created my first website and clients started to roll in. I worked at the disability charity for about 6 more months before turning the sexuality work into my full time business.

One day, while listening to a recording of a course by Caroline Myss, the idea for Sexual Alchemy was born. Caroline was talking about alchemy, the transformation of the soul, and I had a massive lightbulb moment! My work is transformation of the soul through the doorway of sexuality.

Yes, I often work directly on sexual issues, but most sexual issues did not start there. They usually started somewhere else. Deeper in the soul. In the body.

So the Sexual Alchemy work that I do is very much in, on or through the body and energy system. It’s quantum physics really. It’s rewiring neuropathways, working with neuroplasticity and so forth to create deep, ever lasting transformation.

It is intense and beautiful and very intimate. I feel absolutely honoured to get to work with men in this way. To go deep into their souls and create transformation that allows them to live a more intimate, connected and passionate life.

Ready to step into your full sexual self and expression?

Email me at and tell me what you'd like to learn, explore or experience.

I really look forward to exploring with you!

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