Make Love with Life!

Life, like sex, has a natural rhythm to it. When we are able to tune into it, we say that we are in flow. Everything feels a little bit easier. You feel a bit buzzier. There is an arousal.

There is a natural rhythm to everything. To life, business, sex, healing, relationships - everything has a rhythm. The more we get out of our own way, the more we can tune into this rhythm.

Living from this flow, this rhythm, is absolutely ecstatic. It’s like slipping into the perfect stream and being carried, lovingly, in a divine embrace. Everything seems to work out, you’re in the right place at the right time, you feel good, alive and energised. Your creative energy is overflowing. You feel inspired and are in turn inspiring. Your heart is wide open and you fall in love with each moment as it arrives. A long, slow, deep breath is enough to arouse you. You are turned on by life, by this moment. Nature becomes your lover. Life becomes your lover. Each moment more ecstatic than the last.

I believe that every person is born with an innate sense of how to connect with another, of how to touch and be touched, of how to tune into arousal and follow it to create mind-blowing sexual experiences. There is a natural rhythm to sexual experiences. Whatever kind of sex is your thing, there is still a natural rhythm to it.

Just as you can tune into your innate sense of how to be sexual, you can tune into your innate sense of the flow of life. They feel similar. This knowing resides deep inside you. I believe it is in everyone. It might be buried under a shit ton of conditioning, fear and shame, but it is there. It is easier for some to access than others, but possible for everyone.

For sex to be really hot you have to be present. All the ‘right’ moves in the world won’t work if you are not present as they are happening. Same with life. When you are present with life you don’t need things to be ‘amazing’ because what you previously considered mundane becomes utterly incredible.

No more searching for big highs to take you out of or away from your life. No more looking for the bigger orgasm or better lover. These things happen naturally because you are so fucking present with life, your body, yourself, your sexual energy that every moment becomes orgasmic.

We have been taught/conditioned to value being busy, productive, doing beings. Collectively we struggle with rest, stillness, pauses and just being beings that BE.

During super hot sex, you might want some wild, loud, active action - but you need to build up to it, and you don’t want to stay in that place the whole time. You want to ride the waves of arousal. You want to feel the rise and fall of energy, to play with that energy. You want to feel the swell of desire, the quickening of breath, the tease of ecstasy. You want to rise in the swirling energy of orgasm and melt into valleys of connection. To experience that you have to find the natural rhythm that’s alive between you and the moment.

Today, I invite you to tune in more deeply to your own personal life rhythm.

How can you make love with life?

Where can you drop into more intimate flow with yourself?

Too much action will burn you out and too much inaction will create lethargy. Tune in more deeply and follow the natural rhythm. Rest when you need rest and take action when that is the next natural movement. Don’t force. Surrender and penetrate as life naturally urges you on.

Let life arouse you, tease you and play with you. Let life whisper in your ear, breath its beauty onto your skin. Open your heart, mind and body. Invite life in. Let it make love to and with you.

Ready to learn how to make love with life?

Email me at and tell me what you'd like to learn, explore or experience.

I really look forward to exploring with you!

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