Master Your Arousal, Live Like a King

What do you do with your arousal? With that delicious buzzy turned on feeling?

Men often tell me that when they feel aroused, they think they need to masturbate or have sex to orgasm, (specifically ejaculation) to get rid of the feeling. That somehow arousal is only to be addressed by extinguishing it.

Sometimes that’s because that’s all they know to do with it. Sometimes it’s because the feeling is overwhelming or distracting. There is absolutely nothing wrong with ejaculating that energy away, however, if you’re only doing it to get rid of the energy or if that’s your only option you are sorely missing out. You are literally spunking your most valuable resource up the wall.

Your arousal energy is a magical elixir, a rich, potent and precious force that is the very fabric of the universe.

It is the original vibration, the original, ancient intelligence from which the Universe was born. It is the invisible yet very real matrix that connects all life, across all worlds, realms and galaxies. Your arousal energy is encoded with the specific wisdom and intelligence needed to create and sustain your life. It is your own unique channel of Source energy and as such has the capacity to remind you who-you-really-are, to bring you back into alignment with your soul's purpose, to heal and nurture you, to revive and revitalise you. It is mystical and magical, real and practical all at once.

This personal strand of Source energy is full force creative juice. You can tap into it for inspiration, for creative drive, for new ideas. You can tap into it for profound healing, for feeling deeply connected to the All-That-Is, for guidance and wisdom. Use it to create your life. Not just any old life, but the highest vision of the highest version of your life you can imagine for yourself.

Your arousal is the foundation of your power.

No one can truly take your power away because you access it through your body, heart and soul. No matter what has happened to you, or what you’ve been conditioned to believe, you can still access or learn to access this power. It is what you are made of. It never leaves you. Your experience of it might change, but it is always there. It is your direct line to the Universe.

You are a King and meant to live as a King here on Earth. Your life is meant to be filled with riches - the riches of self-awareness, of joy and pleasure, intimacy and connection, as well as all the other forms of riches you desire for yourself. The King who knows himself deeply, who knows and owns his shadow and exalted selves, rules his life in such a way that everyone around him benefits and prospers. When you learn to master your arousal, to know its deep mysteries and take guidance from it, you will experience the world as the King that you are.

The next time you feel aroused, pause and allow yourself to just be with it. Relax, take long slow deep breaths and relax even more. Now relax even more deeply. See if you can allow that arousal to move from wherever it originated through to other parts of your body. Use your breath and intention to guide it into your belly, spine, thighs and heart.

Allow it to grow stronger and louder. Use breath, sound and movement to increase it. Feel it flowing and pulsing through your whole body. How much arousal can you allow and still stay relaxed?

If you feel like you're reaching the edge, where you feel the urge to contract, draw in, hold your breath or chase after ejaculation, take some long, slow, deep breaths and relax your body fully on the out breaths. Let go of any contractions you notice in your body. Now that you are fully charged, full of arousal, see if you can tune into it. Notice how rich and potent it is.

Allow it to flow through your veins, through your bones, into your cells and muscles and molecules. Allow it to heal, energise and realign you. Allow it to bring you back to yourself, to your power and fullness.

If you feel to move towards orgasm, that’s fine. Choose it though. Choose orgasm consciously rather than as a default setting. Consider dedicating your orgasmic energy to something. Dedicate it to your own health and healing, to a project you are working on or to Universal peace. DO NOT direct it at an individual without specific consent from them.

Most importantly, start to become aware of the rich potential, the precious nature of your arousal. Don’t rush to give it away. Luxuriate in it for your own highest good. Learn to value and appreciate its true nature. Learn to cultivate it, to harness its immense, magical, ancient power.

Are you ready to live your full potential? Are you ready to step into your exalted King self?

Email me at to find out more about the Keys to the Kingdom program.

You can also check out my new book, '101 Meditations for Life, Business and Bedroom Success', which has several meditations that will teach you how to cultivate and enjoy your arousal for longer. Buy book here>>>

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