See The Face Of God In Everyone You Meet

Here's something for you to try today...

As you go about your day, see the face of god in everyone you meet.

Everyone you meet has known pain or difficulty. Everyone you meet has had good times and bad times. Many people you meet will feel lonely and afraid.

As you come across people in your travels today, look for the best part of them. See the face of god in their face. See the part of them that is loveable and friendly and warm, even if that's not what they're showing you at the time.

Recognise that they may have something deeply troubling or painful going on behind their eyes. Maybe they feel too vulnerable to show it or tell you.

Try this with your family, your work colleagues, the cashier at the shop and the people on your train.

See how it feels to witness this part of them. See if it changes your interaction with them. Even if it doesn't, notice how it feels to you to bear witness to the face of god in them.

Notice how it feels to be open, present and curious.

Notice how it feels to expect to see divinity, the best of someone, instead of the worst.

Want to explore with me?

Contact me here or email me at and tell me what you're interested in.

I look forward to exploring with you!

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