Why Pleasure is SO Important Right Now!

Pleasure, sexual or not, is more important now than ever.

We gorgeous humans are not meant to live in states of fear, anxiety and stress for long periods of time.

It depletes our health on all levels.

It lowers our immunity.

So why is pleasure so important right now?

Well, our current situation is such that fear, stress and uncertainty are heightened.

Here’s the very good news though…

YOU have power.

YOU have choice.

YOU can choose how you respond moment to moment.

You can choose to come from love rather than fear.

You can choose to switch everything off for a while and go put your feet on the earth or do some deep breathing or have a wank.

I urge you to find some pleasure, no matter how big or small, each and every day.

Some reasons pleasure is good for you:

  • It is healing and nourishing for your soul

  • It is healing and nourishing for your body

  • It lowers stress and the ‘fight or flight’ response in your system

  • It boosts your immune system

  • It makes whatever you’re going through a little bit easier to bear

  • It reminds you who you are, beyond all the ’stuff'

  • It connects you to the here and now

How to explore pleasure right now

(Download your FREE list here)

· Sit or lay still and, one by one, pay attention to each of your senses. Do this slowly and with utter presence.

· Meditate (My book, 101 Meditations, is the perfect read for right now! Get it here.)

· Massage or stroke your body with love

· Explore new ways to play with your sexual energy

· Self-pleasure (masturbate) with joy and love

· Explore new ways to be intimate (for example, allow yourself to be vulnerable, share how you’re feeling, connect with this present moment)

· Massage your face, jaw and lips - do it seductively or lovingly or both!

· Look into your eyes in a mirror and say, 'I love you' at least three times!

· Learn the art of sexting!

· Write erotic stories

· Have an intimate encounter via Zoom or whatever video app you feel comfortable with

· Listen to music that uplifts you or that helps you to cry

· Move your body, dance, shake

· Play like a kid (be curious about your surroundings, see things as if new…)

· Make silly noises, shout, sing

· Have an ecstatic moment with your food. Become utterly present with the food in your mouth. Chew slowly. How it feels, the textures, flavours, temperature.

· Watch the sunrise or sunset

· Write a list of 100 things you are grateful for

· Draw, paint, colour, make things

· Cook or bake

· Have a hot shower or bath

· Read things that life you up or make you laugh or turn you on

· Get your hands in the earth - could be gardening or just feeling the earth with your hands (or feet!)

· Watch shows and films that make you laugh or feel good

· Drop into your heart, allow it to expand, send love in ever increasing circles - to yourself, your close loved ones, your friends, other people you know, people in your community, people in your city or town, and so on out into the whole Universe.

· Lean into the Universe. My favourite way to do this is to lie like a star fish (arms and legs spread wide open) on my bed and imagine that the bed is the Universe, holding me safe and secure, allowing me to let go and float...

· Flirt! Flirting is more a state of being than doing. You could flirt online or on the phone, but you don’t need to be with a person to flirt. You can flirt with life, with this moment, with nature.

Please take some time to allow or connect to pleasure every day. Even during this unsettling time.

That is something you DO have power and choice over.

And it’s good for you on so many levels.

So, allow yourself the biggest dose of pleasure you dare. Fill your boots. You are worth it!

Download the list above here and put it on your fridge or wherever you'll see it!

Want some help exploring pleasure?

I am currently offering online sessions to help you stay connected to yourself and pleasure and to heal, transform and expand your sexual and pleasure possibilities.

Email me at rebecca@rebeccalowrie.com to find out more.

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