You Are Perfect Just As You Are

Read that title again and notice what happens in your body when you read it.

Do you tense up, contract or hold your breath?

Do you instantly think it's just new age crap or doesn't apply to you?

Here's something that might surprise you. Everyone, every single person, is walking around with what I call the 'human wound'. The human wound is the intrinsic belief that 'I'm not enough' or 'I'm not good enough'.

Everyone has it at some level. Everyone.

Oprah Winfrey said that after 25 years of interviewing people at the very top of their game - actors, politicians, sports stars, etc - every single one of them turned to her as soon as the camera stopped rolling and asked her, 'Was that ok? Was I alright?'.

I believe the human wound is actually trying to wake us up.

It's like we're sleep walking, having forgotten that we are actually all of consciousness. This niggling feeling that we're not enough is trying to get our attention.

It wants to remind us that we are not just human.

The 'am I enough' question arises because deep down we know/sense that we are actually all of consciousness but we can't quite re-member.

When we re-member (become a member again) of the all-that-is, the question fades away. Then we know ourselves as the powerful creators that we are.

Now in order to be sustainable, we have to know, from within, that we are all at once fully human and all of consciousness. We have to know that we ARE love, we are the very fabric of the universe.

This requires a lot of self awareness. It requires a lot of undoing the habits, patterns and conditioning that we pick up as we move through life. And we usually need help to do this.

We all have blindspots.

So if you are struggling with the 'Am I enough' question, if you're not sure if you're worthy of love or the next level of success or a better job or relationship, then let me share something with you.

Whatever you have going on in your life or relationships, please know that:

1. You are perfect just as you are.

2. There is nothing you need to do/be/say to be worthy of love. You ARE love!

3. There is no where to get to. You do not have to build the biggest business, have the best relationship, solve world hunger or irrigate the Sahara to be 'successful'.

4. You get to define success on your own terms. Some days success looks like making a great sale in your business. Some days it looks like eating toast in your underpants and binge watching something on Netflix.

5. Life is messy. It's ok for you to be messy. Messy is real and beautiful and full of possibilities.

6. Whatever stories you're telling yourself about yourself and your life, are just stories. YOU are the author-ity of your life and can rewrite these stories at any time.

7. You are loved. I love you.

8. You are a leader. You are leading a life. Even if you don't feel powerful, know that you are. Your words, choices and decisions have an impact - on you, on people you know, on your business and on the world at large.

9. You can do anything you decide you want to do. Yes, it might be hard. Yes, you might need help. Yes, there's a good chance you will fail A LOT before you get there. That's ok. There's no rush.

Want to explore with me?

Contact me here or email me at and tell me what you're interested in.

I look forward to exploring with you!

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