Rebecca is a totally unique, transformational speaker.

Not only does she inspire and motivate you to be your best self and live your best life, she gives you embodied experiences to help you do just that.

Rebecca offers a variety of simple, fun and often poignant exercises for audience participation and experimentation.

This means that your audience has the opportunity to learn and grow on a deeply somatic level. Transformation happens right there on the spot!


Originally from America, and having lived in London for 30 years, Rebecca draws on a wide range of personal and professional experiences in her talks.


For over 25 years her work has encompassed everything from self awareness and personal development to working with people with disabilities, massage and energy healing, Tantra, conscious sexuality, and most recently, heart-lead or conscious leadership.

Her passion is helping people wake up to who-they-really-are, to their full potential and to the possibilities that opens up for them and for all of us when they do.

"Rebecca Lowrie is a truly magical speaker and her talk will give you goosebumps. Come and experience the amazing effect of her energy and emotion in this inspirational talk" 


David Heffernan, Professional Speaker 


Sian Rowsell


I was blessed to film video presentations for 4NTV in Manchester and Rebecca's talk was simply stunning.


She's passionate about her work and how all things related to energy and spirituality can be channelled into all aspects of your life.


Do consider her if you want to see transformational change in yourself, your relationships and your teams


Rene Power, Vision B2B Marketing and Training


I recently saw Rebecca speak and participated in some exercises during her talk. Having been a little sceptical before I can now say that there is definitely something to the techniques that she shares. I believe a great speaker makes you feel differently having shared their message and Rebecca’s certainly done that with me as I’m curious to understand more and use it with positive impact in my life.


Martyn Sloman AKA The "YES" Man!


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