Your Big Leap

You've been playing small, coasting and holding yourself back.

Life and work (and probably your relationships too) have become a little dull and colourless. There's no buzz or excitement any more. It's all so predictable.

You know intuitively there is more to life and work than this.

You're ready for your BIG LEAP!

Time to leap into your full magnificent power.

Time to reignite the pilot light of creative flow, abundance, fun and success.


Time to get your arousal for life flowing again and live from your zone of genius!

This 16 week program is perfect for you if you

  • Are ready to make a specific breakthrough

  • Have a particular issue you'd like to address 

  • Know it's time to step up

  • Want to let go of limiting beliefs and patterns

  • Are ready to live from the depths of who-you-really-are

16 Week Program 


“Why do you stay in prison when the door is so wide open?” Rumi

"Yesterday was soooooo fantastic. Each session we have is more magnificent than the last. It’s getting to be so difficult to remember where I was three months ago. So little energy, so little peace, so little joy. Now I feel full to the top, overflowing. I feel like I’m radiating love not just absorbing – does that make any sense?" Simon

Life is heating up! It has been tumultuous and confusing for a while. Challenges are coming at you from all angles. Help and support is here!

Get ready to be challenged, opened, stretched and expanded. Get ready for growth, transformation and transmutation like you've never imagined.

Sexual Alchemy is the transformation and expansion of your ideas and experiences of sexuality, sexual energy, and intimacy into something precious, divine and blissful.

How do we navigate this more personal landscape of business?


How do we be good business leaders in these changing times?

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